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What People Are Saying About the Workshop

  • “I find it to be the most engaging way to explain agile to a team. In 90 minutes you get to experience flow, teamwork, and collaboration in a way that other simulations cannot match.” — Mariapaola S.
  • “I found the workshop amazing and eye-opening. Breaking down the factors influencing the stories delivery time and estimation was something I never thought about. Additionally, it was great to see a real-world-example for a Monte-Carlo-computation. These three hours were very well-spent and I already recommended your workshop and the game to several colleagues.”
  • “Thank you so much for running this game and sharing your insights — especially regarding the low correlation between effort and delivery time — that really was powerful.”
  • “I left with a lot of food for thought and it was great fun, too. Thank you very much!”
  • “I was surprised that learning can be so much fun and that effective.”
  • “The discussions in the beginning — i.e. the role assignments, initial estimation — themselves are worth the event.”
  • “I was able to implement the learnings directly the next day onto my project.”
  • “Playful hands-on learning.”
  • “Highly engaged trainer.”
  • “Expert insights.”
  • “It helps reorient your agile compass.”
  • “I was skeptical about not estimating backlog items and I joined the no estimates session to see if I could be proved wrong. It turns out I could.” — Mariapaola S.
  • “Love this game! Such a great vehicle for learning about kanban and value delivery!” —Remy F.
  • “Thanks for the valuable session. Lit up a lot of thought provoking bulbs in my head related to estimation. I am surely going to explore this subject more!” — YK

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